2020 FLIP SCREEN BL80 for sale


DONT use vibrating or shaking attachments that decrease the life of your carrier machine!

Save bucket loads on waste disposal fees, raw material, and transportation costs by screening on-site with the super-tough BL80 Flipscreen.

Anything from Concrete, to scrap metal, to compost, any material can be screened all inexpensively and efficiently.

The mesh screens are incredibly tough, made from super high tensile steel, and can be changed on-site, with one operator and no tools, in under 4 minutes.


Carrier: 5 - 12 t
Volume: 2.4 m³
Width: 2514 mm
Weight: 1275 kg
Load Capacity: 0.8 m³
Mesh Size: 3 mm - 300 mm

Title2020 FLIP SCREEN BL80
Listing TypeNew
Stock NumberBL80

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